The Pacific Northwest coast : living with the shores of Oregon and Washington (書籍, 1997) [Williams]
The Pacific Northwest coast : living with the shores of Oregon and Washington 資料のプレビュー

The Pacific Northwest coast : living with the shores of Oregon and Washington

著者: Paul D Komar
出版社: Durham [North Carolina] : Duke University Press, 1997. ©1998
シリーズ: Living with the shore.
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"With explanations of the area's geological evolution, including natural shoreline erosion and sea-cliff landsliding, Komar details human interaction with the coast; erosion caused by early settlers, the development and destruction of Bayocean Spit, the disastrous effects caused by the 1982-1983 El Nino, and the notorious failure of a construction project on the unstable bluffs at Jump-Off Joe. Komar provides the  続きを読む
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その他のフォーマット: Online version:
Komar, Paul D., 1939-
Pacific Northwest coast.
Durham : Duke University Press, 1997
ドキュメントの種類 書籍
すべての著者/寄与者: Paul D Komar
ISBN: 082232010X 9780822320104 0822320207 9780822320203
OCLC No.: 37260894
物理形態: xv, 195 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
コンテンツ: 1. Northwest Coast Perspective --
2. Geological Evolution of the Northwest Coast. Plate Tectonics and Continental Growth. Sea Level and Its Imprint on the Northwest Coast. Evolution of the Northwest Coast since the Ice Ages. Formation of the Northwest Estuaries. Dune Fields of the Northwest Coast --
3. Dynamic Northwest Coast. Seasons and the Coastal Climate. Ocean Wave Generation. Beach Cycles on the Northwest Coast. Nearshore Currents and the Movement of Beach Sand. Tides along the Northwest Coast. Water Level Fluctuations. Wave Run-up and Sneaker Waves. Tsunami: The Extreme Coastal Hazard --
4. Arrival of Man --
Erosion Becomes a Problem --
5. Development and Destruction of Bayocean Spit. Development of Bayocean Park.
シリーズタイトル: Living with the shore.
責任者: Paul D. Komar.


Serves as a source of information about the coast of the Pacific Northwest, its geological setting, the natural responses of beaches and cliffs to ocean processes, and the problem of erosion. This  続きを読む
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